Infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms, 比如细菌, 病毒, 寄生虫或真菌. The circumstances of infectious disease emergencies vary by multiple factors, 包括生物制剂的种类, 暴露程度, 传播方式和意向性.

The facility follows effective strategies for preventing infectious diseases. Each county Local Health Department-(LHD) has prevention agenda priorities compiled from community 健康 assessments submitted by local 健康 departments. The information includes the identified priorities and focus areas.

当地的, 状态, 联邦卫生当局将提供有关预防的最新信息和最新指导, 病例定义, 监测, 治疗, and care center response related to a specific disease threat.

目的: To provide guidance on how to prepare for new or newly evolved Infectious diseases whose incidence has increased or threatens to increase in the near future and that has the potential to pose a significant public 健康 threat and danger of to the residents, 家属及职员.

目标: 来保护我们的居民, 家庭, 工作人员在我们的设施内不会受到突发传染病的伤害

临床领导将保持警惕,随时了解世界各地的传染病情况. They will keep administrative leadership briefed 根据需要 on potential risks of new infections in our geographic location through the changes to existing organisms and/or immigration, 旅游, 或者其他情况.

The facility will maintain a supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). 储存的数量应至少够60天使用,并应包括以下内容:

  1. N95防护口罩
  2. 面罩/眼罩
  3. 礼服/隔离礼服
  4. 手套
  5. 面具
  6. Sanitizer and disinfectants in accordance with current EPA Guidance

The facility has vendor agreements in place for -food, 药物, 在正常业务中断(包括传染病爆发)的情况下,提供消毒剂和个人防护装备.

The facility will regularly train employees and practice the infectious disease response plan through drills and exercises as part of the centers emergency preparedness training

沟通计划该设施将根据CMS和卫生部的指导方针更新受感染居民的授权家庭成员和监护人, and a change in a resident’s condition and at least once a week to update all residents and authorized 家庭 and guardians on the number of infections and deaths at the facility.  设施可以使用电子邮件, 美国邮政总局, 设施网站和电话与每个授权的家庭成员或监护人沟通.

The facility will make available to its residents at no cost, 电话, and remote video conferencing methods with family members and guardians, via iPad (tablet) and or intercom system for window visits.


  • 一旦意识到传染病可能或已经传播到周围社区, the facility’s Infection Control Nurse (ICN) will research the specific signs, 症状, 潜伏期, 以及感染途径, 暴露的风险, and the recommendations for skilled nursing facility as provided by the CDC, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), 以及其他相关的地方, 州和联邦公共卫生机构
  • Interdisciplinary leadership team including the Medical Director, DON, ICN, etc. 将开发, review and enforce existing infection prevention, 控制和报告策略, 同时考虑到疾病控制和预防中心(CDC)的指令和指导, 状态 agency and/or the local public 健康 authorities.
  • 进行常规/正在进行, infectious disease 监测 that is adequate to identify background rates of infectious disease and detect significant increases above those rates allowing for immediate identification when rates increase above these usual baseline levels. 常规或基于症状的检测将根据CDC和/或NYSDOH指令进行
  • 工作人员将接受有关接触风险、症状和预防传染病的教育. Place special emphasis on reviewing the basic infection prevention and control, 个人防护装备使用, 隔离, and other infection prevention strategies such as hand washing.
  • ICN and purchasing department will review environmental cleaning agents and personal protective equipment to ensure products meet CDC guidelines. 采购部门将根据具体的传染病储备所需的产品和设备.
  • Environmental cleaning will be conducted according to CDC guidelines in addition to routine cleaning specific to the infectious disease. 应提供清洁用品,以鼓励增加对高接触表面的清洁.
  • Residents and 家庭 with be provided with education about the infectious disease and the facility’s response to the infectious disease. 教育材料可以书面分发,也可以通过电子邮件发送或在设施网站上提供.
  • Infection control signage will be posted regarding hand hygiene, 正确使用个人防护装备, 以及其他感染控制措施.
  • To limit the risk of spreading the infectious disease into the facility, screening for signs and 症状 may be done PRIOR to admission of a new resident and/or allowing new staff persons to report to work. 其他诊断测试可用于确定入院前的暴露或感染.
  • Staff will be educated on the facility’s plan to control exposure to the residents. 该计划包括:在下班时向主管和公共卫生部门报告任何疑似接触传染病的情况, 对报告实际或疑似接触传染病的雇员进行预防性开除, self-screening for 症状 prior to reporting to work, prohibiting staff from reporting to work if they are sick until cleared to do so by appropriate medical authorities and in compliance with appropriate labor law.
  • The facility may consider closing the facility to new admissions, and limiting visitors based on the advice of local public 健康 authorities.
  • 该设施将对厂房进行适当的物理改造,例如为高危居民使用私人房间, 塑料的障碍, 环卫站, and special areas for contaminated wastes as recommended by local, 状态, 以及联邦公共卫生当局.
  • 取消集体活动和聚餐,鼓励保持社交距离.

怀疑内部 患病率

  • 将出现传染病症状的居民隔离,并通知当地公共卫生部门
  • 在公共卫生当局的指导下, arrange a transfer of the suspected infectious person to the appropriate acute care facility via emergency medical services as soon as possible.
  • If the suspected infectious person requires care while awaiting transfer, follow facility policies for 隔离 procedures, including all recommended PPE for staff at risk of exposure.
  • 将进入被隔离者房间的工作人员数量控制在最低限度.
  • 如果可行,当工作人员在房间时,要求被隔离者戴上口罩/面罩. Provide care at the level necessary to address essential needs of the isolated individual unless it advised otherwise by public 健康 authorities.
  • Conduct control activities such as management of infectious wastes, 隔离室的终端清洁, 接触者追踪, and monitoring for additional cases under the guidance of local 健康 authorities, 并遵循疾病控制中心的指导.
  • Implement the 隔离 protocol in the facility (隔离 rooms, 队列, cancelation of group activities and social dining) as described in the facility’s infection prevention and control plan and/or recommended by local, 状态, 或者联邦公共卫生当局.
  • Activate quarantine interventions for residents and staff with suspected exposure as directed by local and 状态 public 健康 authorities, 并遵循疾病控制中心的指导.
  • 设施可以使用单元的一部分, 专用地板, or wing in the facility or group of rooms at the end of a unit, such as the end of a hallway to care for suspected or infected individuals
  • The facility will discontinue shared bathrooms with residents outside the cohort
  • 如果有住院十大靠谱网赌平台, 该设施将保留居民的住所,并遵守所有适用的州和联邦法律法规, 包括但不限于18 NYCRR 505.9(d)(6)和42 CFR 483.15(e).


  • Management will consider its requirements under OSHA, 医疗保险和医疗补助中心(CMS), 国家特许, 平等就业机会委员会(EEOC), American Disabilities Act (ADA) and other 状态 or federal laws in determining the precautions it will take to protect its residents. Protecting the residents and employees shall be of paramount concern.  管理人员应考虑:
    • The degree of frailty of the residents in the facility
    • 传染病传染给居民和雇员的可能性
    • The method of spread of the disease (for example, 通过与体液接触, 被污染的空气, 被污染的表面)
    • 可以采取的预防措施,以防止传染病的传播和
    • 其他相关因素
  • 一旦考虑到这些因素, management will weigh its options and determine the extent to which exposed employees, or those who are showing signs of the infectious disease, must be precluded from contact with residents or other employees.
  • Apply whatever action is taken uniformly to all staff in like circumstances.
  • 不要考虑种族, 性别, 婚姻状况, 原产国, 以及其他受保护的特征,除非它们被证明与疾病的传播有关.
  • 为员工提供合理的便利,如允许员工在家工作,如果他们的工作描述允许的话.
  • 一般, 公认的科学程序, 每当可用, will be used to determine the level of risk posed by an employee.
  • 允许员工请病假, 休假时间, and FMLA where appropriate while they are out of work.
  • Permit employees to return to work when cleared by a licensed physician, 然而, additional precautions may be taken to protect the residents.
  • Employees who refuse at any time to take the precautions set out in this and other sections of this policy may be subject to discipline.


在宣布的突发公共卫生事件期间, 该设施将对指定的看护来访者使用其紧急个人/同情护理政策.  Refer to 紧急个人/同情护理 Policy.

  1. 报告
    • 报告的重要性
  • 卫生和社会福利部负责保护公众健康和确保卫生保健设施的安全.
  • 报告 is required to detect intra-facility outbreaks, 地理趋势, 识别新出现的传染病.
  • 疫情数据的收集使纽市卫生局能够向卫生保健机构通报潜在风险和预防措施.
  • 报告机构可获得咨询, laboratory support and on-site assistance in outbreak investigations, 根据需要.
  • Facilities should direct all press inquiries to the local or 状态 健康 department.
    • 应该报告什么?


  • Any outbreak or significant increase in nosocomial infections above the norm or baseline in nursing home residents or employees should be reported electronically via the NYSDOH Nosocomial Outbreak 报告 Application (NORA). NORA is a NYSDOH Health Commerce System Application. 另外,医院也可以传真感染控制医院报告表格(DOH 4018): http://www.健康.ny.gov /形式/卫生署- 4018.pdf. Facilities are expected to conduct 监测 that is adequate to identify background rates and detect significant increases above those rates. Nosocomial infection outbreaks could also be reported to the LHD.
  • 一个单独的A 应报告的传染病 or any unusual disease (defined as a newly apparent or emerging disease or syndrome that could possibly be caused by a transmissible infectious agent or microbial toxin) should be reported to the local 健康 department (LHD) where the patient/resident resides. 除了, 在市卫生厅第二十八条规定的疗养院怀疑或确认染上应报告传染病者, it should also be reported to the NYSDOH electronically via the NORA or alternately, by faxing an Infection Control Nosocomial Report Form (DOH 4018): http://www.健康.ny.gov /形式/卫生署- 4018.pdf.

Categories and examples of nosocomial/facility associated infections that should be reported to the county local 健康 department (LHD) and NYSDOH include:

  • An outbreak or increased incidence of disease due to any infectious agent (e.g. 葡萄球菌, 万古霉素抗性肠球菌, 假单胞菌, 艰难梭状芽胞杆菌, 克雷伯氏菌, Acinetobacter) occurring in residents or in persons working in the facility.
  • 设施内爆发流感、肠胃炎、肺炎或呼吸道合胞病毒.
  • 食源性疾病暴发.
  • 与受污染的药物、替代液体或商业产品有关的感染.
  • 由传染病报告清单上的任何疾病引起的单一医院感染病例. 例如, 院内获得性军团菌单例, 麻疹病毒, 侵袭性A组溶血性链球菌.
  • 一例金黄色葡萄球菌对万古霉素的敏感性降低.
  • 结核菌素皮肤试验转化簇.
  • 养老院居民或雇员一例活动性肺结核或喉炎.
  • Increased or unexpected morbidity or mortality associated with medical devices, practices or procedures resulting in significant infections and/or hospital admissions.
  • 由于感染而关闭一个单元或服务.
    • 传染病报告[1]

《十大靠谱网赌平台》(10NYCRR 2)要求报告疑似或确诊的传染病.10). Reports should be made to the local 健康 department in the county in which the resident resides and need to be submitted within 24 hours of diagnosis. 然而, 有些疾病需要迅速采取行动,应立即通过电话向当地卫生部门报告.

For more information on communicable disease reporting:

  • Facilities should contact their NYSDOH regional epidemiologist or the NYSDOH Central Office Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Control Program for general questions and infection control guidance or if additional information is needed about reporting to the NORA. Contact information for NYSDOH regional epidemiologists and the Central Office Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Control Program is located here: http://www.health.ny.gov/professionals/diseases/reporting/communicable/infection/regional_epi_staff.htm. 寻求非工作时间的帮助, 晚上和周末, call New York State Watch Center (Warning Point) at 518-292-2200.
  • Call your local 健康 department or the New York State Department of Health’s Bureau of Communicable Disease Control at (518) 473-4439 or, 几个小时之后, at 1 (866) 881-2809; to obtain reporting forms (DOH-389), 请致电(518)474-0548.
    1. 纽约市的设施:
      1. Call 1 (866) NYC-DOH1 (1-866-692-3641) for additional information.
      2. 使用 可下载通用申报表格(PD-16); those belonging to NYC MED can 在线填写并提交表格.
  • 内部通知

该设施将提供居民, 亲戚, and friends with education about the disease and the facility’s response strategy at a level appropriate to their interests and need for information. 工厂将与所有员工联系, 供应商, 其他利益相关方对设施的政策和程序,以尽量减少对居民的暴露风险.

[1] A list of diseases and information on properly reporting them can be found under 传染病报告规定.